Gujarat Assembly Election 2017

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21st Oct 2017: गुजरात विधानसभा चुनाव से पहले कांग्रेस का बड़ा दांव – कांग्रेस ने बीजेपी के खिलाफ मिलकर चुनाव लड़ने के लिए पाटीदार नेता हार्दिक पटेल समेत दूसरे युवा नेताओं को साथ आने का न्योता दिया है.

कांग्रेस के ऐलान से कुछ घंटे पहले पाटीदार नेता हार्दिक पटेल ट्विटर पर.

Updated: 21st October 2017 — 5:08 pm


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  1. arvind kejriwal gobind ran kejriwal ke kya hall hai? phir se delhi ki politics me wapas aa gaye.

  2. Pdp will win dvsar contiuency seat in loksabha election 2014

  3. Kejriwal is an honest man and can bring in good change in Delhi.

  4. kejriwal is a mentally retarded person. He is an IAS officer but has done no good to the system. Can someone ask him what he did for the country. Taking shelter of Anna Hazare he is doing for his own benefit and not for the benefit of common man. In fact there are only few politicians who work for common man but the case of kejriwal is totally differrent. He got 29 seats in Delhi last year for his stand against the congress. But he took support of congress to form govt and after 49 days himself stepped down for reasons best known to him. He now says “I am sorry”. But please think because of his one act Crores of rupees are now being spent on elections. His main grievance was congress then why he went to fight against Modi in Varanasi. Instead he should have focussed to get into parliament by winning an election so that he can raise his voice in Parliament. In fact if has fought the last elections against congress then he should have talked to BJP either to extend his support to them or take their support to form Govt in Delhi last year itself. So I appeal to all to vote for Kejriwal (Aam Admi Party)as I am certainly sure that he will take Delhi to dogs if he becomes the Chief Minister.

  5. kejariwal is a honest person and his thinking is good keajariwall become chief minister of delhi kejariwall bring good change in delhi & he will also produce a good governance as well.

    While we discussed about 49 days ruling of such party, fabulous works done by AAP, and same thing public in future.

  6. अरविंद केजरीवाल वाहियात व्यक्ति है जो इलज़ाम लगा कर भाग जाता है अरब देशों से फोर्ड फाउंडेशन से चंदा खाता है और देश में अराजकता फैलाता है ।
    भगोड़ा देश में कांग्रेस का छुपा हुआ दलाल है जो कांग्रेस के छुपे अजेंडे को आगे बढ़ाने में कांग्रेस को सहयोग कर रहा है जब तक भगोड़े जैसे व्यक्ति भारत में हैं तब तब देश को किसी भी बाहरी दुश्मन की आवश्यकता नहीं है ।
    #वोट एंड सपोर्ट बीजेपी ।

  7. Mr. Kejariwal is good person, good worker with great idea. There is just a leader ship problem or management problem, he has to think about response to take any step.. And leadership and management will come with experience. So lets watch, how he will increase his skills.

  8. Kejariwal will be the Chief Minister of Delhi,he will also produce a good governance.

  9. kejariwal is the fak person jo aadmi election jeet ne ke 15 days ke baad congrees ke pass jata hai voh aadmi aab kya karega voh delhi ki janta ko free WI-FI dega kya. kya kejariwal ko WI-FI ka matlab malum hai he is a mentally retired person [DELHI KI JANTA KO MEY EK BAAT KAHNA CHATA HU KI AAP SAB LOGO NI B.J.P. SARKAR EK SEVAK KI TARAH KAM KARTI HAI TOH AAP SAB LOG B.J.P. KO SUPPORT KARE] “BHARAT MATA KI JAI”

  10. vinod kumar (mount shivalik breweries)

    congruculation ARVIND JI. app se janta ko bohut umide h. BEST OF LUCK

  11. he is joker. not a politician. if he know how to role the government he should not fight with LG. and also he should not give self certificate to showing finger to other. he such a incapable where he not continued his own carrier(Ias). who do we expect from his the CM job. just he fouling the people of Delhi

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